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Payment Options

1) You can use your PayPal account, or you own credit card. You do not need to be a member of PayPal.
2) Select each Item you are ordering and click the Add to Cart button.
3) If you are renewing your annual membership, be sure to add that to your shopping cart.
4) You can change the quantity for an item on the Cart page.

5) Use the browser's "BACK" button or click on "Continue Shopping" to return to this page to order additional items. The "Continue Shopping" link is located on the upper right corner of the PayPal page.

6) When your order is complete go to CHECKOUT on PayPal's secure website.
7) You can edit the cart before you complete your order.

You are encouraged to purchase the insert updates for your member booklet. They're only $8.00 and come in handy when you're cruising or trying to reach a club member.



$50 Annual Dues RENEWAL (Per Household)



Options to donate to the LIFRC Youth Sailing Scholarship Fund

Learn more about LIFRC Summer Sailing Programs. Donations are made specifically for this program.

Donate to LIFRC Youth Sailing Scholarship

Your contribution to the Lopez Island Family Resource Center Youth Sailing Scholarship may be tax deductible.


Community Support for Derelict Vessel Program

Learn more about San Juan County's Derelict Vessel Program.

Donate to Derelict Vessel Prevention Program


Handbook $20 - One-time purchase - includes updated inserts


Inserts $8 - Updated roster/info for your current Handbook


Name Tags - Choose style
Pin-on or magnetic name tag & and option to convert to magnetic with a Conversion Magnet Set

Name Tags
Name(s) on Name Tag


Replacement Membership Card

First & Last Name on New Card


Burgee $26