• 2018 - 4oth Anniversay of LIYC
  • Sept 2009 Crab Fest moves to Rosario
  • July 4th 2009 parade - LIYC wins 1st "Best in Theme"
  • LIYC launches a website
  • 2008 - Lopez Island Yacht Club Celebrates It's 30th Anniversary


2018 marks the 40th anniversay of the forming fo the Lopez Island Yacht Club

The article at right was reprinted from the 8/30/1978 issue of the "Island Record"

Robina Bant (2nd from left) was the new club's 1st commodore and is the only member of the founding foup still remaining of the current LIYC roster.

8-30-1978 "Islander Record" article
Linda & Gary Zerbst and Bob Buttes in Secret Cove "The Boating Party" by Mary Cassatt
Linda & Gary Zerbst with John Butte in Secret Cove on a much deserved break after crossing the lumby Straits of Georgia. Their flotilla of three 30' sailboats took nearly 3 weeks sailing to and from Princess Louisa. Photo by Nancy Butte. This could be you ... what did you do this summer? Send me a picture along with a descriptive sentence or two to: webwench@lopezislandyachtclub.com. This painting is titled "The Boating Party" by American painter, Mary Cassatt (1845-1926)
Dave Welker on "Breathless Mahoney" contributed by Dick Behan Dave sailing contributed by Dick Behan
Dave Welker sailing on "Breathless Mahoney". Photo by Dick Behan Summer sailing. Photo by Dick Behan
George LeBoutillier before the Round the Shaw Row, August 14, 2010 Round the Shaw Row, August 2010

On August 14, 2010, George LeBoutillier entered the Round Shaw Row. This photo before the start was taken by Michael Lampi.

Details on the Round Shaw Row can be found on the Sound Rowers website along with more great photos of open water rowing and paddling.
Relaxing dockside on Thetis Island, BC - North Cruise Lisa Cram navigating the shopping districts. Photo by Audrey Bordvick
Relaxing along the docks is always part of cruising. Here on Thetis Island, on the North Cruise are Duane Borvick, Rodman Duncan, Richard Miklich and Jay Simonson. The girls always find it hard to relax when there are potential shopping opportunities. Lisa Cram enjoying in a little shopping therapy. Photo by Audrey Bordvick.
Gayl, Carole & Jonelle at Port Townsend Farmer's Market Jay Lynch, Jerry Hancock & Jim Ghinazzi, dockside in Port Hudson
Gayl Beller, Carole White & Jonelle Johnson at the Port Townsend Farmer's Market. Photo by Judy Welker. Jay Lynch, Jerry Hancock & Jim Ghinazzi dockside in Port Hudson. Photo by Judy Welker.

Crabfest moves to Rosario - Sept 2009

Perfect Fall Weather greeted Lopez Island Yacht Club and Friday Harbor Sailing Club for this year's joint Crab Feed at Rosario Resort Marina on September 25-27. Did you miss it this year? There's always next year. But there's plenty of opportunity to have fun until then.

Fall Color Jerry's fall color
Fall Colors Jerry's fall colors
Two clubs Two Marys
Two Clubs Two Marys
Two Crams Too much fun...never!
Two Crams Too much fun...never!


July 4th 2009 Parade Entry - A Huge Success!

After many years of our parade guru, Ed Carpenter, showing us how to walk the walk, and talk the talk, we managed to bring home 1st place, "Best in Theme", once again to credit of all the participants and supporters as well. Bill White and Judy Welker were co-chairs this year.

Rob Emerson & Doug Cram led the float Mary Lou Hestad carried the story's title "Lopez by Sea"
Rob Emerson & Doug Cram Mary Lou Hestad
Mary Stiger & Mary Gauthier introduce the first float - an Indian canoe Frankie, Judy Welker & Audrey Bordvick
Mary Stiger & Mary Gauthier Frankie, Judy Welker & Audrey Bordvick
Lisa Cram, tribe member Audrey - Judy
Lisa Cram - tribal hunter Audrey Bordvick - Judy Welker
Fred Nielson, Cathy McCrea and granddaughter Lynn Hall
Fred Nielson, Cathy McCrea and granddaughter Lynn Hall
Jane Simonson & Shanley Lett Duane Bordvick - Ferry captain
Jane Simonson & Shanley Lett Duane Bordvick - the ferry captain


2008 LIYC YEAR IN REVIEW by Bill Pugerude, Past Commodore

Bill Pugerude, 2008 LIYCCommodoreWe began our 30th year with January's potluck meeting hosted by Doug and Lisa Cram; the presentation was given by Michael Bainbridge from Boat US. Surprisingly, some of us old salts picked up new information about boating. It was very educational.

At our February meeting, Fred Nielson presented a video made by Gary Zerbst highlighting the Junior Sailing Programs. The Islander served up their famous prime rib and seafood fettuccine and was hosted by Lorrie Johnson and Albert Wampler.

Our March meeting featured Brent Charnley, owner and award winning winemaker ofLopez Island Vineyards. Held at the Golf Club, this wine-tastig event was hosted by Dick and Barbara Reiswig. The informative and humorous event ...READ THE ENTIRE YEAR IN REVIEW HERE.


Rod Duncan, charter memberThe Lopez Island Yacht Club is celebrating 30 years since it's founding in 1978. Although to this founding member it seems like only yesterday, many brain cells have come and gone since then, and the memory of those early days is fading. Before the last cell divides and dies, I am compelled to write this historical memoir of the circumstances surrounding the founding of our yacht club.

The founding members of the club were all sailors. Two of the founding members live here today: myself and Pat Cunningham. The first commodore, Robina Bant, lives now in Hawaii, but still owns land here and visits occasionally. She was instrumental in writing the club charter, which generously bestowed upon the founders a lifetime membership. Robina had obtained the state non-profit organization status. I was the second commodore, and was responsible for the first design of our burgee, which is very similar to our current version... SEE THE REST OF THE STORY