New members welcome!

How to obtain an application?

  • Ask any current member for an application.
  • Contact one of the current officers for an application.



2017 Membership Dues

It's that time of year folks. Annual membership dues are now due. Click here for the 2017

Membership Renewal Form. Don't forget to update your contact information. A suggestion for those who plan on cruising with other club members this summer...consider adding your cell phones to the roster information. When we are in a different port, often we are not close to our boat radios when a member is trying to reach us. The marina just may be big enough so that it is difficult to locate where in the port the rest of the fleet is. Sometimes cell phones are the best way to contact members.

LIYC BurgeeThe member roster is currently being updated. If you have any changes, corrections, additions you would like to add, i.e., new email address or a cell phone, now is the time to get those changes included in the booklet. Email the Membership Chair for member contact changes.

You are encouraged to purchase the insert updates for your member booklet. They're only $6.00 and come in handy when you're cruising or trying to reach a club member. Order by sending a check to: Lopez Island Yacht Club, P O Box 22, Lopez Island, WA 98261

Purpose of the LIYC

The purpose of the Lopez Island Yacht Club is to promote family boating recreation in all its phases, including racing, boating etiquette, safety on the water, improving the marine organizations having comparable goals, as well as advancing fellowship among people interested in boat and boating.


Membership is open to all boaters who agree to uphold the purpose of the organization and who are willing to the obligations of membership. The sequence of events for becoming a member shall be as follows:

1. Prospective members shall make written application to the club's Governing Board on forms provided by the club, accompanied by an initiation fee ($125) and the current year's dues ($40). The application shall have signatures of three current members in good standing recommending membership in the club.

2. The prospective members shall provide current photographs (or jpeg) for publication in the club's newsletter.

3. Following application for membership, the names and photographs of the prospective members shall be published in the club newsletter or by other written means. Member's comments concerning the applicants shall be made by contacting members of the Governing Board.

4. After allowing twenty (20) days for comments from the general membership, approval of the application shall require 2/3 favorable vote of the Governing Board.

5. It shall be the responsibility of the Governing Board to notify the applicant(s) the disposition of the application for membership in the Club.